Great new service Thumbtack

What is Thumbtack? Why can you go online right now and buy any product you want but you can’t do the same for tutors, handymen, dog walkers, or other local services? Thumbtack is changing that. Thumbtack isn’t like typical local search directories that simply return business listings with ratings and reviews, leaving you no better […]

Inspiring ideas doesn’t come easy, day 4.

  Hello World,   Here is day 4 of inspiring ways to develop creative ideas.   16. Take Hold Of Everyday Objects And Look For Inspiration Look differently at your mouse or mouse pad. Take you pen cup and empty it out, turn it upside down and look inside. Challenge yourself to discover something new […]

Inspiring ideas doesn’t come easy, day 3.

Hello World, Here is day 3 of inspiring ways to develop creative ideas. 11. Teach The Future Find a young group to teach, even if it’s not related to design or your primary job, you will practice explaining concepts in a way that’s clear and inviting. This will produce a skill to brush up on […]

Inspiring ideas doesn’t come easy, day 2.

Hello world, Here is day 2 of inspiring ways to develop creative ideas. 6. Take On A Project That’s Completely Different From Your Weekly Work By doing this you will develop a fresh perspective to your regular work. 7. Open A Novel In The Middle And Read The First Three Pages Then guess the main […]


Inspiring ideas doesn’t come easy.

Hello World While reading Steven Johnson’s latest book Where Good Ideas Come From, I have been thrown into a chasm of scientific assertions with more concentration on his belief system/world view than the actual question, where do good ideas come from? I agree with Johnson’s proclamation that the creation of good ideas have a lot […]


Birmingham’s Graffiti scene is growing.

Here is a quick look a Birmingham Alabama’s Graffiti scene.

Alabama African American Calendar

The first AT&T African American History Calendar for Alabama

I had the honor of being asked to design the first African American History Calendar for Alabama for AT&T. It was a joy and honor to work on a wonderful project that features such essential people throughout African American History, especially in the state that I call home. There was a lot of behind the […]


Birmingham’s New Recycling Company Branded by Rick Harris, Jr of Brickle Thumb

Brickle Thumb LLC. took the vision of John Phillips (president of Eco Rhino) and turned his ideas into a tangible reality. Brickle Thumb took what was merely and idea and hit the drawing board (literally). After hours of brainstorming and developing 200+ names for John Phillips and his team to ponder over…Eco Rhino was born. […]